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"For anyone that has found monitoring the #3PP elusive, the Pure Ball Striker is for you. Whether you are working on lag pressure, delivery path, or aiming point this training aid will help you."

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Pure Ball Striker - Driver Aid

The PBS is a friction fit training device that sets against the rear portion of the grip. It is adapted to be grasped by the “trigger finger,” that is, the first joint of the index finger of the golfer’s trailing hand. This allows the user to better sense the motion and alignment of the golf club. The PBS also allows the user to better feel and gauge the pressure exerted on the hands during the golf swing motion. The PBS can be used from the shortest putt to the longest drives.

Pure Ball Striker - Putting Aid

How one senses their golf swing motion is as individual and unique as the player themselves. Even if the player knows what they want from their motion it becomes difficult to duplicate the motion twice with the same feel.

Enter, The Pure Ball Striker. The PBS allows the player to accurately sense their unique feel with the proper stroke motion based on science and club design.